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September 7, 2016

11th September trail loving

Just because a whole bunch of lunatics have chosen to throw themselves in mud pools this weekend, doesn't mean the more sane amongst us won't be doing our usual and tuning up the trails for a better riding experience. So, how does one get the car with tools reasonably close to the work site? (because marshals will make driving in through Massey's main gate pretty tricky)
We've arranged access through Massey's Gate 2 (opposite Coliseum Drive). The catch is we've all got to be there at 9am sharp to get past the barrier. If you come armed with lots of enthusiasm but a little bit late, we may be able to arrange to get you through the gate if you text 027 809 9279 (but no guarantees I won't get separated from my phone).


August 2, 2016

14th August Inaugural Annual General Meeting and working bee

As we have several regular riders who can't attend working bees and want to donate to the cause instead, the time has come for us to open a bank account.

An unincorporated organisation like ours can have an account, but the bank wants us to hold a meeting and produce minutes recording our collective decision.

July 9, 2016

10th July trail-loving session

I can't make it this time, but expect that some of the regulars will be beavering away, so if you're keen don't be shy.

[I plan to do my bit next week, so if anybody can't come this week, but is up for a session next week, get in touch.]

I sacrificed myself to a reconnaissance mission this arvo (did all but P'Club, OSO, lower Wasp & V-fer), and am happy to report that while there is evidence of last week's storm dumping lots of water, there are no substantial trees down, so in lieu of chainsaw it looks more like a shovel/wheelbarrow/gravel could be the order of the day. Enjoy.


June 10, 2016

12th June trail-loving day

Yes, another month has gone by and it's time to refresh your stocks of trail karma - especially if you intend to ride during the winter.

Enough soggy patches have revealed themselves in the last month to make it a good time to get a shovel and wheelbarrow out and spread some of the stockpiled gravel to places where it will do most good.

Or if your pet hate while riding is wet fern fronds or other overgrown vegetation brushing across your face, there's plenty of trimming to be done.

Or come along and convince us that your project idea is worthy of spending time on...

See you at 9am at the top of Wasp.

027 809 9279

March 10, 2016

13th March Working Bee

Hi folks. It's nearly time for another working bee.

If you can make it, meet at the Bush Rd gate a bit before 9.00am on Sunday. If you are late, just make your own way up the track.

I'm guessing we won't be making many changes to the almost perfect, hard track surface this month, but there is still plenty of vegetation to slash back, despite some fine efforts recently.

My top personal priority is going to be the gorse on One Sunday Oval Peninsular Club.

Of course if you are keen on an upper-body workout, you could spend the morning shovelling several cubic metres of gravel onto the corrugated iron on the trail side of the fence.

January 9, 2016

10th Jan 2016 trail trimming

If anybody's wondering - yes, we will be doing some trail tune-ups this month.

There's some new bits formed over the last month or so that still need a bit of polishing (bring digging implements).
There's still some ruts and ridges from last winter's mud that threaten to flick you off at an inopportune moment, so could be smoothed out to facilitate rapid summer riding (bring digging implements).
And of course at this time of year there's no shortage of trail-side new growth that needs to get the "get out of my face" message (bring secateurs, loppers, hedge clippers or other vegetation cutting implements).

Possibly most important of all - in the areas where trail-sides are grass (with a bit of gorse and blackberry thrown in for extra special unpleasantness), we need to see a weed-eater in action. I have a sprayer to follow which will make the clearance last longer, but the initial clearance is required first. If anybody has the equipment and inclination, we'll gladly provide any guidance that may be required - whether at the official time, or at some more convenient time, just say the word and we'll organise something.

Or any other favourite project that you have in mind....

See you at the entrance near the cell phone tower at 9am. Txt or phone 027 809 9279 if want to come later or can't find us.


November 6, 2015

8th November Trail Loving session

Although 95% of the Royal Albany Trail is riding pretty sweet at the moment, there are plenty of jobs that need doing on the remaining sections.

August 8, 2015

9th August Trail Loving Session

It's that time of the month again, RAT riders. Hopefully the rain is going to hold off tomorrow morning and we'll be able to get some maintenance done.

July 11, 2015

12th July “Trail loving” session

School holidays might limit the number of bodies available, so if you've ever thought "I must lend a hand some day", but never quite got around to it, now would be a good time for you to come along and contribute to making these trails all that they can be.

May 10, 2015

10th May “trail-loving” session

Only 3 hardy souls were successful in negotiating a leave pass for mothers day, but some good work was achieved.

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