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March 23, 2017

Trail Funds
If the Uni lets us back in of course.

February 24, 2017

Royal Albany Closed!

Forgive me if I'm posting out of turn but I think if this info is here it might save people some effort this weekend.

Turned up to ride this evening and there are signs up (see below) indicating that the trails are closed until further notice. Ironically they refer you here to find out why but there is nothing I can see from my mobile to indicate a closure.

I'm sure we will be updated soon but until then I guess ride elsewhere!

February 23, 2017

Electric Wire blocking track

A recent comment from Rob mentioned:

a single strand of #8 fencing wire (electrified) stretched across the access road just where The Wasp starts.

I rode past yesterday and saw that the wire is on the ground, but didn't touch to see if it is still electrified. The wire runs down the middle of Wasp, making the first section impassable.

It looks to me that the wire was intended to keep cattle inside the RAT area - the fences on the paddocks have been removed so they could end up wandering around the campus.

I didn't see any animals on my ride this time, but there's lots of cow shit over a large area.

I also haven't been able to find out how the cows get on to the track - any info on this would be appreciated.

November 9, 2016

Trees Down

A couple of trees down after those big winds the other day. A big one near the end of 'The Peninsular club', crosses track in 2 places. And another across 'Cortina' about halfway along.

September 7, 2016

11th September trail loving

Just because a whole bunch of lunatics have chosen to throw themselves in mud pools this weekend, doesn't mean the more sane amongst us won't be doing our usual and tuning up the trails for a better riding experience. So, how does one get the car with tools reasonably close to the work site? (because marshals will make driving in through Massey's main gate pretty tricky)
We've arranged access through Massey's Gate 2 (opposite Coliseum Drive). The catch is we've all got to be there at 9am sharp to get past the barrier. If you come armed with lots of enthusiasm but a little bit late, we may be able to arrange to get you through the gate if you text 027 809 9279 (but no guarantees I won't get separated from my phone).


ACCESS RESTRICTIONS 9, 10, 11 September

It seems that Harbour Sport can't find a better place for their mudrush event so they're going to run it partly on our trails. 🙁
Result = no way you'll be able to park your car on the Massey campus while riding, and depending on how they actually go about it you may be stopped getting to the trails. If you're determined, good luck trying to get in on a bike and stay away from the trails with muddy people running around on them. Riding somewhere else would probably be a better option this weekend.

August 2, 2016

14th August Inaugural Annual General Meeting and working bee

As we have several regular riders who can't attend working bees and want to donate to the cause instead, the time has come for us to open a bank account.

An unincorporated organisation like ours can have an account, but the bank wants us to hold a meeting and produce minutes recording our collective decision.

July 31, 2016

30th July condition report

This time around the weather has left its mark.
Lots of trees across trails, but none that I found requiring chainsaw - folding handsaw will easily do the job.

Mud holes continue to get deeper and muddier, so regular riders should feel particularly obligated to assist with distributing the many piles of gravel we've got stashed around the perimeter. Next maintenance session is planned for 14th August. All wheelbarrows and shovels will be welcome.


July 9, 2016

10th July trail-loving session

I can't make it this time, but expect that some of the regulars will be beavering away, so if you're keen don't be shy.

[I plan to do my bit next week, so if anybody can't come this week, but is up for a session next week, get in touch.]

I sacrificed myself to a reconnaissance mission this arvo (did all but P'Club, OSO, lower Wasp & V-fer), and am happy to report that while there is evidence of last week's storm dumping lots of water, there are no substantial trees down, so in lieu of chainsaw it looks more like a shovel/wheelbarrow/gravel could be the order of the day. Enjoy.


June 13, 2016

New trails “over the back/down the slope”

It seems that some enthusiastic trail developers have been making some new trails in the Council reserve on the escarpment around the perimeter of RABR. While we admire your enthusiasm, it's not helping our relationship with Auckland Council. We've tried to get AC interested in supporting our efforts for the greater/public good and they haven't been very keen to date. Unauthorized trail building on their patch is probably the best way to annoy them and permanently scupper any and all opportunities for a mutually-rewarding arrangement.

Before doing any more trail work outside of the Massey Uni patch of bush, please get in touch so we can work together in the most productive way possible. And if you aren't sure where the boundary lies, we can help clarify that too.


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