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Royal Albany Mountain-bike Trail

25th Feb 2017: The university regrets to advise that the bike trails located on its land, and known as the Royal Albany Trails, are closed until further notice.

The University will be speaking with members of the Trails management so that we can work through solutions to protect the health and safety of users, and enable the University to begin work to regenerate some of its bush land.

The Royal Albany Trail is over 20km of tight, twisting single-track through the bush at the back of Massey University's Albany Campus.

Originally built 'underground', with no obvious entrances, the trail was discovered by surveyors in 2009. Massey authorities have since given their blessings so the trail is now fully legal. However, while the university generously allows us to use their land, they are not involved with funding or building the track, so Massey University is not in any way responsible for any shoddy construction which causes damage to you and/or your bike, if you crash. More about the RAT

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We need YOUR help

The trail is 100% maintained and improved by a volunteer group of local riders. If you ride the RAT regularly, particularly in winter, please consider helping us dig drains, barrow gravel, and clear new growth that constantly threatens to impede progress. Next Working Bee details here.

Working Bees

On the second Sunday of every month we meet at the Bush Rd entrance at 9.00 AM. We also organise informal construction sessions from time to time. Members can receive regular emails about up-coming projects, or you can subscribe to our RSS feed.

Donations gratefully accepted

If, anywhere along your ride, your rear wheel slipped into a water-logged rut and made it a little deeper, you have incurred a karmic responsibility to help repair the track. If this is not feasible, you will be pleased to learn we are able to offer indulgences in return for cash donations to help purchase construction materials.

Whet your appetite

Very cool 2011 video thanks to farhorizonz:

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